Augmented Reality for Android (part 2)

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This futuristic Augmented Reality world for android is (AR) is slowly growing. Though, the true experience of Augmented Reality Technology is yet to be seen, some apps and games which are available for Android can give you a glimpse of it.

1. 3D AR Compass

This app is an augmented reality 3D compass which comes with Multi-compass types, Auto rotate map facility, Heading and degrees, Current address, Fast bright with one tap and much more.

2. PhantomALERT

PhantomALERT is a good GPS app that is, as it claims, powered by the world’s largest driver generated and verified database of speed traps, traffic lights, speed cameras etc. You can set up Traffic camera views to get an idea of the traffic ahead and an Augmented Reality View – move your phone around you to see the traffic camera views around you.

3. Sky Siege

Sky Siege is among the most addictive AR game for Android. It transforms your physical environment into a deadly battlefield. Your Phone becomes a true Virtual Reality display – it is a window into a 3D virtual world full of hostile helicopter gunships and jet bombers coming at you from all angles in 32 levels of increasingly difficult numbers and tactical formations. You are alone on a flak tower armed with an Ack-Ack gun, Rockets, and a limited supply of guided missiles.

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