Augmented Reality Aplication (Iphone)

Daftar Isi

Augmented Reality is the most new technology for human. You can find AR in your phone, e.g Iphone. Any AR apps for the iPhone that vary from functional, to educational, to just plain fun.


Worksnug is an iPhone app that finds digital nomads a place to lay their weary laptop. Worksnug is another corporate-backed app, this time by Plantronics.

It identifies Wi-Fi hotspots and potential workplaces – from coffee shops to professional rent-a-desk office spaces – with user reviews encompassing power provision, atmosphere, noise levels and even the quality of the coffee. Although currently only available for London, versions for San Francisco, New York, Berlin, Madrid are due soon.

2. Pocket Universe: Virtual Sky Astronomy

With Virtual Sky Astronomy,  you can know about star, planets dan other.  This star map app will spell out the stars, planets and constellations for you. Needing no connectivity, this clever app contains data on 10,000 stars, 88 constellations and lunar phases, while the “tonight’s sky” feature shows meteor showers and visible planets based on your location. Just hold your iPhone skywards on a bright night and before you can say “Hubble telescope” you’ll be looking at Uranus.

3. DishPointer

Staying on the celestial theme, what started out as a clever Google Maps mashup has been turned into an iPhone app, and is within days of launching for Android handsets too. The mobile version of DishPointer is designed for satellite installers or mobile broadcasters to hold their phones up to the sky and get a virtual overlay of their nearest satellites to know which way to point the darn dish. If you aren’t employed in such a field, yet you have this on your phone, then your nerd-score just went through the stratosphere. Way to go, cable guy.

4. Car Finder

If you want to look for your car, you can use car finder. We’re sure you have no use for this one yourself, but if you know anyone who might have difficulty finding their way back to the car in those huge parking lots, then the Car Finder app is a good suggestion. Once the car’s location is set, the app creates a visible marker showing the car, its distance away and the direction in which to head. There are other non-AR apps which offer this kind of tool, but we think seeing it on a real-life display will make locating that pesky Pontiac a piece of cake.